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Stockbroker Wrongdoing, Recovering Lost Investments

We have a strong focus and background in claims and actions against stockbrokers, registered investment advisors, and other investment professionals who have failed to meet their responsibilities.  We recover investment losses in a wide variety of settings and proceedings.  We have substantial experience in bringing claims against stockbrokers and financial advisors in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority arbitration forum, referred to as Finra.  These claims are highly specialized and always defended by very experienced lawyers for the investment companies.  If you have a possible claim against a financial firm, where you have lost substantial investment money in any of the wide range of investments that these financial firms now sell, we can provide a full review of your situation for you.

There are many different types of investment recovery claims that we may bring on your behalf.  Sometimes, there may be a possibility of bringing the claim in Court rather than Arbitration but these situations have to be reviewed carefully.  We handle different claims across the wide breadth of financial investments which may lead to avoidable losses.

The types of investment recovery that we handle include those for unsuitability, meaning that the type of investment that was recommended was not one which reasonably met your investment objectives and the level of risk acceptable to you.  Many people do not realize that a financial advisor has a duty to know you, the customer, in detail, as to your financial status, investment goals, and risk tolerance, before they can make a recommendation of what investment is right for you.

We handle financial losses where there is overtrading or a lack of review of investments.  Overtrading, or churning, takes place when a financial advisor or stockbroker recommends trading in an account that is so substantial or so frequent that the commissions and charges cause damages to the account.  We use a variety of economic experts and analysis to show this overtrading, and the damages it causes.  Because some financial advisors are now paid not a per trade basis but as a part of the overall assets, we find that some financial advisors are not making appropriate changes to accounts–they are not involved in the account, but continue to charge substantial annual fees.  These fees, over years, can cause real damages to a person’s account.

We handle cases where there is a lack of supervision, where the financial company sets a financial advisor loose on people, without the required level of supervision.  Supervision is an integral part of the financial industry in the United States; without the fulfillment of the required supervision, a customer can be greatly damaged.  This is especially risky in the small or single person financial advisor offices.

There are many types of financial products that can be so complex and also cause real damages to people.  We handle them all.  These complex financial products include annuities, variable annuities, limited partnerships (“LP’s”), Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”), Exchange Traded Funds (“ETF’s), oil, gas and energy funds, and all types of private share offerings.

If your financial advisor steered you into the wrong investments for you, or if you were sold complex investments that lost substantial value, we can help recover your lost investments.


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