Outsourcing A General Counsel – Can It Help Me?

What is your General Counsel practice all about?

Our General Counsel practice is a special service that we offer to businesses and to high-net worth individuals and their families.  For a flat fee retainer, we are available to the business or individual to review and handle all of their legal needs on the counsel level.  This means that the business or individual can contact us whenever they wish, to discuss particular situations or questions.  This also involves the use of our thirty point legal survey, to determine if the person or business has important legal gaps in their particular situations.

Counsel work is defined by issue spotting, and additional arrangements are needed if there are involved legal services, such as particular litigation, document preparation, or Court work.

How does having a General Counsel help a business or high-net worth individual?

The laws and regulations affecting everyone are now so complex.  It is easy for a successful business person or business to be good at what they do, but lack knowledge about other legal requirements they may face.  Often, people have legal questions or need referrals, but don’t even know where to begin.  Many times, unfortunately, people and business don’t know what they don’t know, until it is too late.

The legal landscape of State, Federal and City laws and regulations can be a blizzard to even the most well intentioned, successful people and businesses out there.  We can help.

What can a General Counsel do for my growing business?

Many businesses, especially as they grow, have many legal questions that arise.  Usually, these questions are matters of review and do not become the kinds of litigation that we see in our firm’s other departments.  While the business has questions, the business has not grown sufficiently (yet) to require the employment of a full-time, on-site lawyer.  Our General Counsel program can efficiently bridge the gap for your growing business, by providing a lawyer on the team, and available without delay, additional expense, or the trouble of finding a lawyer.

We are happy to talk with you about how to efficiently and effectively meet the legal needs of your growing business.


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