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Is your Insurance Company giving you unfair grief?

An insurance company in California has a high duty to fairly investigate a claim.  The insurance company must pay policy benefits if there is support for the payment.  They cannot ignore facts supporting payment, to continue searching only for facts to twist to avoid payment.

If your insurance company is giving you unfair grief about a claim, we know exactly how to push them back, and assert your legal rights.

Duty to Provide Life Insurance Coverage: What does this mean?

A life insurance company has a duty to provide coverage; that is, to try to find coverage, so it can pay the benefits under the policy. A duty to provide life insurance coverage is an important part of a California life insurance policy, and the lawyers at Adept Law Firm can provide the arguments to get your life insurance benefits paid.

Is your Insurance Company Rescinding the Policy because of the Application?

Many times an insurance company’s favorite defense to a claim is to try to take the insurance policy away–to rescind the policy.  Then, the insurance company sends back the premium, and wants to pretend there was never an insurance policy.  Of course, they do all this after a rare event has occurred, and you have a painful, significant, or expensive claim.  It is one of the nastiest moves an insurance company can take against an insured.  We are adept at proving that the insurance company cannot avoid the policy, and cannot rescind the policy.

If your insurance is threatening to rescind the policy, or already has, it is urgent that you get the legal advice you need to assert your legal rights.


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