Stock Broker Wrongdoing

Stock price decliningCan I recover because my account went down, and my broker said he believed the recommenced stocks would go up?

Generally not. We proceed against brokers )for stock broker wrongdoing) who have failed in their job to advise you of suitable investment options, and who fail to provide you with suitable investments. We do not attempt to hold broker’s liable as guarantors of your investment performance. There is risk to any investment; that is why there is a premium paid in the rate of return, making it an investment. We work for people who were done wrong by their broker’s failing to appropriately consider their investment priorities, and who have failed to appropriately follow those priorities.

My stock broker never returned my calls as my retirement fund went down and down. Now they say I might have to go back to work.

A broker has a duty to stay in reasonable contact with a customer. A broker has a duty to advise and manage an account consistent with the customer’s instructions, and with the customer’s suitable investment needs. We can assert your damages against the broker and the brokerage company which failed to supervise the broker’s work.

I told my stock broker that I didn’t want to lose money, even if I made only a little. They said they would watch my account carefully. They did not. What can I do?

The broker’s failure to reasonably monitor your account and investments is a breach of their duty. However, the brokerage house will always defend the case saying you were aware of what was going on, because you received statements, and you did not complain. It is important for us to have a full understanding of all the facts of your relationship with your broker, so we can advise you about the strength of your claim and of the likely defenses.

I told my broker I wanted to retire within five years of when I transferred my account to him. He advised me to put everything in the market. I lost most of it, and now he says that I should keep what I have. But I don’t have time for it to go up again.

Once you contact us, we can review the entire situation for you. We can then advise you if we believe there is a good chance that we can obtain a recovery for you.

What does this cost?

Most stock work can be done on a contingency fee, where you only pay a portion of whatever we recover for you. If we do not prevail, you do not owe any attorneys’ fees. Costs are separate from fees and we will detail for you the expected costs. We also have hourly rates available.