Personal Injury

Nurse with disabled man in a wheelchairWe have extensive experience with a variety of substantial personal injury cases. We have received numerous settlements and verdicts in favor of our clients. Many of our settlements are for the full policy limits available to our clients. We handle consumer cases and class actions.

Personal injury includes any injury a person suffers because of the actions of another. We represent people injured in car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, drownings, dangerous products, and other circumstances. We represent families of people who died because of what someone else did. We represent people who suffer from mold caused diseases. We have associate counsel who represent people injured at work. We are very experienced working for injured people and we work hard to obtain full and fair recoveries. We regularly take personal injury cases to trial when necessary to do the best we can for our clients. Many times, because of our experience in representing people, our background in working for the insurance companies, and our thoroughness of preparation, we can obtain good settlements quickly.

We work to get you compensation for every part of your injury. For your medical bills, loss earnings, future loss earnings, property damages, and of course, pain and suffering, now and in the future. We give every case personal attention in our effort to get the best possible result for you.

We can come to you, we can begin immediately, and you will always deal directly with an attorney who will answer your questions.

We work to obtain compensation for people injured by the wrongs of other people, businesses, and governments. We help people obtain the medical care necessary to make the best possible recovery. We help obtain all possible benefits, including payment of medical bills, repairs, rentals, and compensation for lost earnings.

If a person is unable to return to work, we work to obtain compensation for all the future loss of earnings that he or she is unable to earn.

We have obtained substantial money for our clients. Of course, we do not guarantee any result or outcome, and everything depends upon the particular circumstances of your case.

We aggressively litigate mold cases. Mold has been recently shown to cause or contribute to the suffering of many people, particularly in normally dry southern California. Mold caused by leaks and vapor retention can lead to the rapid growth of dangerous and harmful spores, which destroy property and health. Early, effective legal action is necessary for the safety of the individuals affected and for the preservation of property. We have experts on “standby” waiting for our call, to investigate your concerns about mold. Particularly with our litigation and insurance experience, we are able to obtain full recoveries as quickly as possible, including alternative living arrangements and property compensation.

Some examples of recent recoveries:

We have obtained the full policy limits for an eye injury to a young woman, and then the full policy limits on her own policy for a total recovery of $130,000 when settlement was almost made for a tenth the amount.
We have obtained numerous policy limits recoveries for injured persons and their families. We obtained the Nation’s largest settlement recovery on behalf of the family of a decedent whose cancer was related to the exposure of PCB’s at the workplace.

We obtained a policy limits recovery on a shoulder injury and then another policy limits recovery from our client’s own carrier.

Personal Injury FAQS

Why do I need a lawyer if the insurance company is making me an offer of settlement?

The insurance company’s handle many claims and have programs in place to pay the absolute least to you. Insurance companies in California have no duty to be fair to you, if you do not have a policy with them. Adjustors will say anything to get you to settle. But you have no real information to know whether an offer is even slightly fair. We have handled thousands of claims for people. We have worked for the insurance companies and know the law. We are able to get you the money you need following an injury, whether by settlement, lawsuit, or trial.

My regular doctor says I should just rest at home following the accident. Is there anything else that can be done for me?

Many doctors do not have specific training in caring for people with accident injuries. We can help you find a doctor who has specific training to help your situation, years of experience, and who can help you recover as quickly as possible. Insurance companies will not compensate people fairly if they have little or no medical care.

My car still isn’t repaired, and I have no way to get to work. Can the insurer pay for a rental?

We can fight with an insurer to provide rental coverages for you. Even if the rental bill becomes another kind of damages in the case, we will fight to get it paid for you. We can assist with autobody shops to get your car fully repaired, as soon as possible.

I still hurt, but don’t know where to go for help.

We can help you find an experienced and trained doctor. The right doctor can determine how you are injured, and help put you on the course to the fastest, complete, healing possible. Many times an insurance company will discourage a person from obtaining full treatment for all their injuries, and later turn around and refuse to fully compensate a person, saying they did not get much treatment.

How long do I have to make a claim after an accident?

Time limits on making claims, or statute of limitations, are complex to calculate. Statutes of limitations are legal time limits that require you to file your lawsuit within a certain time period. If you have not filed by the time limit, you may lose all rights to any compensation. It depends upon whether the wrongdoer is an individual or business, or is some part of the government, state or federal. There are different statutes for those under 18 when the injury occurred, and for medical malpractice. Additionally, California statutes of limitations are in the process of changing. We urge you to not delay and consult with us. Once we have all the facts, we can advise you of the statutes of limitation, and protect your rights.

Can I make a claim if I was only a passenger and not the driver?

Passengers may have even more rights than drivers. A passenger can look to all the drivers for compensation. Passengers do not cause accidents. Passengers who did not cause the accident in any way must be fully compensated.

The police officer at the accident scene said I was at fault, but I disagree. Do I have a case?

Police officers do not decide who was at fault, juries do. Many times a police officer will have too little time to really examine an accident scene and to talk in detail with all drivers and witnesses. We have obtained compensation for people who had police reports against them. The only way to find out if we can help you is to contact us.

If I slipped and fell, can I get any compensation?

If you slipped and fell on a substance or dangerous condition, we can help you. Many times, floors have a slippery substance on them. Has something spilled, are they cleaned often, are they inspected? These are questions we ask in our inspections. If a walkway has a large separation, poor lighting, or potholes, we may be able to get you compensation for your injuries.

If I was bitten by a dog, do I have any rights?

People who own dogs are responsible for any dog bites. In California, there is no “free first bite.” Even if a dog has never bitten anyone before, you may be able to get compensated for all your medical bills, pain, injury and suffering, and any future medical needs. We have helped people obtain settlements on serious dog bite cases. The only defense is whether the victim provoked the dog, and this requires clear facts. Once we know the facts of your injury, and your medical treatment, we can further advise you. Many people are unaware of the expense of a plastic surgeon who can provide treatment for many types of scars caused by dog bites.

I was injured, but I don’t want to cause trouble for my friend, who was driving. Is there anything that can be done?

We go after insurance companies, not friends. People buy insurance to pay for their mistakes that cause harm to others. We only pursue individuals in specific cases, and not without first discussing the situation in detail with you. If you were injured in a car driven by someone else, you have rights both against the other driver and the driver of your car. If you were injured by something at a friend’s house, we can pursue their homeowner’s insurance, not them. If you were bitten by a dog at your friend’s, we pursue the insurance company, not the friend. This is why people buy insurance, rather than go it alone.

I was injured at another person’s home, not a business. Can I get any compensation?

If the other person had homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, was negligent, and you were injured, we can get you compensation. We need to know the full circumstances of the accident and the injury. Homeowner’s insurance covers an owner’s negligence in steps and stairways, driveways, pools, and other places where people are injured through little fault of their own.

I have been feeling badly for months, and now my doctor says I may be sick because of mold. What can I do?

More and more people are discovering that they have been injured by mold growing in their homes or workplaces. We are able to help people get the medical care they need, and clean and protect their homes from this danger. These claims really need someone who is experienced with the science and the special nature of this kind of injury. We are able to immediately begin to help you and your family. We are experienced with injuries and property damages caused by molds. We are able to immediately assemble our team of experts and doctors to determine what molds are present. We obtain alternative living allowances for you and help to prevent further harm. Do not delay when you have been exposed to molds.

What does this cost?

Most personal injury work can be done on a contingency fee, where you only pay a portion of whatever we recover for you. If we do not prevail, you do not owe any attorneys’ fees. Costs are separate from fees and in many cases can be financed, so if there is no recovery, none are due from you. We discuss all costs and fees up front with each of our clients, so you know what the arrangement is, exactly.