Employee Rights

Right Person employee in hand on Abstract business backgroundWe are experienced in assisting employees work through the maze of federal and state laws and administration of their rights. This field is full of ways for an employee to lose a justified or good case, because of legal pitfalls and complexities, not fundamental justice. In California, an employee has a limited length of time to make an application to the California FEHA. If the application is late, or is not filled out correctly, a person may forever lose their rights to compensation.

An employer has many important obligations to its employees.

We are particularly interested in those cases where an employer is involved in wrongful or illegal practices towards its customers. We will bring a whistleblower case.

The State of California has important laws available to protect workers. We use the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) to obtain lost earnings and compensation for wrongful treatment, and attorneys fees.

We represent underpaid employees on wage and hour claims. Employees who work over 40 hours per week are entitled to overtime. Many employers refuse to pay this overtime and others force off-the-clock work. We obtain back wages and earnings for employees.

Some examples of past successes:

We have represented an individual who alleged to have suffered discrimination because of his physical disability, the result of a tragic childhood illness. The recovery was in excess of $350,000 with full worker’s compensation and health benefits.

Employment Rights FAQS

My boss says he has to fire me because I am pregnant and can’t do the work. Is he right?

No. You can’t legally be fired because you are pregnant. You can’t lose your job because of it. We can help protect your job and family at the same time.

My boss keeps asking me out. I don’t want to date him, but now he has transferred my hours to the night shift, and won’t change them back unless I go out with him. But I still have a job. Is there any help for me?

You don’t have to actually be fired for their to be a wrong. Depending on the circumstances, you may have already been a victim of sexual harassment. Your damages may be substantial, depending on the type of conduct, and whether others also suffered. We conduct investigations into wrongdoing, including interviewing witnesses and other workers.

I have a disability, but I can do the work. My supervisor keeps changing my job duties, so I can’t do everything. What can I do?

We can help, by making it clear to your employer that you must be treated fairly, and with dignity. If your employer continues to refuse to follow the law, we will take aggressive action to obtain compensation and punitive damages for these wrongs.

My employer fired me, saying the economy is bad, but I was the only African American let go. I found out that they hired two new people for my position the next week. Is this legal?

No, but this requires more investigation. Because of our experience, we know the defenses that an employer will come up with. We investigate your situation, ask the right questions, get the right documents, and then advise you if you have a strong case or not.