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We are the LawFogel.com. We bring a true synergy team approach to assertively getting results for our clients. We know how complex and uncertain the legal system can be; we work to bring our best skills forward, to present our client’s best and strongest case, in the interests of justice./em> Our hearts are truly for seeing the best results for our clients. We respect the dignity of our clients, keeping them informed, being sure they understand the how and why of what we are doing on their cases, the outline of our strategy and goals. We practice in a team approach, but each person respects their responsibility to serve the client.


“At LawFogel.com, we use a team approach, so the best skills of our attorneys and case officers are applied to your particular situation. Our attorneys have attended the top tier schools, and have intensive, real-world experience in the courtroom. Our attorneys are supported by our Case Officers, who are also very knowledgeable as to the type of efforts that are needed to fully support the attorney’s efforts and legal advice. Your attorney will always be ultimately responsible for the driving your case forward, and providing all legal advice to you. The Case Officer will provide intensive support for the attorney, organization, logistics, and further administrative tools for the support of the attorney.”

Joe Fogel   •   Managing Attorney